Posted on December 8, 2016 at 12:30 AM

Welcome to my blog!

This site was created as a side project to host all of the raspberry pi and hardware hack projects I, and others, have done. Dreamt up in late 2016, Hackmypi.com will serve as a forum of sorts for me to showoff what the raspberry pi platform is capable of, with minimal coding for projects, as I prefer hardware level builds to software.

I hope to keep this site updated often with cool tutorials and guides, as well as create an archive of sorts of the projects I work on. The end goal is to inspire others to see how easy hardware development projects can be on the pi, and to create a singular hosted site that brings together guides from all over the internet and helps bridge the gap between many disjointed projects.

As a novice hardware hacker myself, I will do my best to answer any questions regarding my projects, and others projects. If anyone wishes to host their project on this site, please reach out to me at mwagner@hackmypi.com, I'd love to see what others are making!

All projects hosted on this site, and opinions or statements made on this site, are entirely my own and in no way reflect on any person, place, or entity (unless otherwise stated).

I hope you enjoy yourself as this site develops futher, and Happy Hacking!!!



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