November Update, Yes I'm Still Here!


Posted on November 1st, 2018 at 5:30 PM

So whats new at Hackmypi?

So I know we have been pretty quiet on here recently, but there is alot going on in the background I wanted to make everyone aware of, 2019 is set to be an exciting time! Over the past year I have been working on and off on some software projects, seeing as started out and still is meant to be a place to teach people new skills, I have been working on something pretty cool that will hopefully work straight towards that. Over the last year or 2, Amazon Alexa has released for the Pi as has Google Assisstant. As awesome as this is, there is one huge issue the way I see it. Both require logins and active developer accounts with their respective companies. While this isn't really a huge issue, I like to have the freedom to develop anything I want, without having to register it to an account and setup user profiles with these monstrous companies.

Enter Persephone.

Persephone was originally a project title I came up with for a modular open sourced personal assistant, that would have the ability to import new functionality WITHOUT requiring a reboot of the core system. Based on the Twilio and ngrok back ends I layed out in my Temperature Monitoring post, Persephone is (for now) a strictly sms based personal assistant whose code is 100% open source and being documented so you, the user, can follow along and build your own functions! The code can self import new modules, creating a pre-import real time compile of the code you are trying to import, to protect the integrity of the main function by not importing code that cannot properly compile.

Written largely in python, Persephone is meant to be built on. It is meant to hack, change, add, remove, tweak anything and everything about it. With documentation and examples built in, Persephone allows for an open source personal assistant that you can tailor to your unique needs, or help others by becoming a shared developer for it! All future software based projects will hopefully tie into persephone in some way, with app based versions on their way.

For now Persephone will launch with just a few features. Setting alarms, sending texts to others masking your number, and if you have the EnviropHat, temperature monitoring. The code is almost ready to launch, and I plan on releasing some major updates to it over the next few months, as I do have plans to reorganize how it is structured for scalability. Eventually expect to be able to take it anywhere in a portable form, and integrations with Alexa and Google Assistant. For now, all you will need is a Twilio account (which is very cheap).

New websites, features etc coming to Hackmypi!

It has always been my intent to grow Hackmypi past just Raspberry Pi's. There is a huge world of hacking out there, DIY electronics, cosplay, DIY anything! Hacking is and always has been a curiosity, a longing to try and do things yourself, or modify things to do something new. 2019 will yield a new website that Hackmypi will be under, which willbe announced in the coming months. Hackmypi will stil be the primary location for anything Raspberry Pi related, however there will be a new site open to anyone who wants to post anything DIY.



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