Matt started out studying robotics and programming in high school, which created a love for hardware and software. After attending RIT for 3 years, Matt took the knowledge gained there to start creating raspberry pi projects that both make life more connected, and simple. His creations have been featured on the Hak5 twitter feed, a brief presentation at Shmoocon 2017, /r/raspberry_pi,, and more!. He hopes to help people learn and create new pi projects through the use of excellent tutorials and actively responding to all viewer comments.

Matt's love for the pi platform began in late 2011 when he heard about the tiny computer from his local HAM radio club. The following February, when the pi launched, he stayed up all night, through the DDoS on the stores site, to be one of the first to own the new, world changing, cheap linux computer. As of writing this post, Matt has 20+ Pi's being used across multiple projects, and waiting to be used in future projects.

Ben - SoloLegends

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Starting College at 16 he began his college career as a graphic artist, he quickly found out that was not his passion. Moving forward to Programming, he developed many a random app to speed up little processes. Now he works as a Web/Java Developer and Systems Administrator. He went to UMBC for 2 years studying Computer Science but decided College was NOT for him and turned his attention towards bettering his skills. Finally landed his dream job, Web/Java Developer this past year.
See my projects and tutorials at: SoloLegend's Blog
Also a URL shortener I developed, because why not. URL Shortener


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